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Tracking content marketing performance can be challenging, to say the least. But with some many options to measure success, and fantastic tools and technology to monitor activity, you’re now in the drivers seat to track performance, make adjustments, and deliver on marketing goals. The key is to select the key performance indicators (KPI’s) that are the drivers of your business and within your reach to report on regularly.


Who are your instructors?

Byron White

Andy Crestodina

Lindy Roux

Brandon Andersen

Pawan Deshpande

How long will this module take to complete for the certification?

Read MasterClass Book Chatper 5: Content Performance30 Minutes
Watch Content Performance MasterClass Overview30 Minutes
Watch Content Performance Workshop Webinar3 Hours
Watch 3 Bonus Videos2 Hours
Review Templates/Samples/Guides1 Hour
Study and Take Content Performance Quiz1 Hour
(Watch videos in 2X speed if you're short on time')
Read Chapter 5: Content Performance30 Minutes
Watch MasterClass Overview30 Minutes
Watch Workshop Webinar3 Hours
Watch 3 Bonus Videos2 Hours
Review Templates/Samples/Guides1 Hour
Study and Take Quiz1 Hour
(Watch videos in 2X speed if you're short on time')


What are the 22 ways to measure content marketing performance and goals?

You’ll learn there are lots of ways to measure content marketing performance. But selecting the best Key Performance Indicators to track for your business, internal resources, and budget can be challenging. Take a look at this assessment of the the KPI’s tied to the goals for content marketing to help you make your selections on what to track and how to make your case for more content marketing investment.

Easier to Achieve

  • 1. Traffic: Organic and paid traffic growth
  • 2. CRO : Conversion Rate Improvements
  • 3. Long Tail Listing Positions
  • 4. Leads: UTM tracking of sources and attribution measurement
  • 5. Time on Site
  • 6. NPS Rating (User Experience)
  • 7. Email Open Rates

More Difficult to Achieve

  • 8. Short Tail Listing Positions
  • 9. Engagement: Likes, Shares, Comments
  • 10. Links: Inbound authority links and internal linking
  • 11. Quality Leads: Customer Lifetime Value
  • 12. Referrals: Sources and Cost Analysis
  • 13: Word Of Mouth Marketing
  • 14 Journey Stage Migration Motivators
  • 15. Social Channel Attribution
    Very Difficult to Achieve
  • 16. Churn Rate
  • 17. Customer Acquisition Cost
  • 18. Attribution of Content Assets
    Ultimate Performance Goals
  • 19. Brand Awareness
  • 20. LifeTime Value Correlation with Social Channels
  • 21. LIfeTime Value Correlation with Media Spend
  • 22. Impact on Content Marketing Spend on Revenue Growth

What are the best software tools to measure content marketing performance?

We've researched lots of tools to track and measure content marketing performance. Get to know these tools and take your pick on the best tool for you based on your marketing reach and budget.

Content Marketing Platforms
ScribbleLiveScribbleLive brings you content that does exactly what you want it to do — engage. This cloud-based provider handles the whole range of content management responsibilities so that your company can reap the rewards of excellent execution. Services include ideation, content creation, publication, and measurement. The customer's entire journey through your content marketing funnel can be streamlined. They specialize in content strategy, management, and creation, as well as the IT services to give you the full value of your analytics. This software solution is ideal for medium to large businesses.
SkywordSkyword offers an interesting content creation solution for large brands and creatives alike. This content marketing solution lets enterprise-level companies with heavy content needs schedule their content, find talent to work on their projects, and works with them to create the best SEO and content strategies to capture their brand and engage their audience. For freelance talent, the platform offers the ability to work with some of the biggest and most well-known brands, as well as collaborating with amazing talent.
NewsCredNewsCred is a content marketing platform. They offer access to a large marketplace of licensed content from some of the world's leading publishers. They boast a deep team of content creators with a wide range of experience and accolades. Organizations using NewsCred have the unique advantage of being able to work with leading experts to round out their team, from ideation through publication.
ContentlyContently is a content management tool that acts as your personal content manager. They offer a streamlined interface and all of the tools you need to take your content marketing strategy from ideation through ROI. Contently's method of content creation combines art and science. Clients have access to all of the analytics and tools to help create their creation schedule, find their team of talent, collaborate effectively, and optimize the process. Services include account management, strategy, content creation, and editorial. For businesses and content creation professionals, contently provides an excellent way to build a team that brings amazing projects to fruition.
ClearVoiceClearVoice is a content marketing platform built as a software solution. For clients, that means that they have access to tools that let them manage their content creation from strategy through production and reporting. ClearVoice focuses on great customer service, transparency, and the ability to help clients build a team of great freelance talent to create their content. For writers and content creators, ClearVoice offers the ability to work with a wide range of companies for a good, professional rate.
StoryChiefStoryChief is billed as an all in one content collaboration and distribution tool, and that's what they do really well. Businesses and bloggers can build their team, use the platform to co-create content, plan their strategy, schedule their publishing calendar, and publish on multiple platforms right from the site. They also have access to all of the analytics on each of their publishing channels, so they have a clear overview of how well content is performing in all of the places they've published. StoryChief also offers a matching service to find the best freelance talent to work on their upcoming projects.
One SpotOne Spot, as the name suggests, is an all in one marketing solution. One Spot has the goal of individualization — making sure that your content and message is personalized for your audience. They take all of the data from your current content and your past visitors and analyze it. Then they offer a range of services to help you customize your message on your website, through email campaigns, and in every interaction with your ideal customer.
PercolatePercolate is a content marketing platform where companies can organize and launch their marketing processes. It's geared for medium-sized and large businesses, and they work as a software solution that offers a streamlined interface and a way to easily communicate with all team members from inception to delivery to analytics. They offer other services, such as project management, brand management, and business intelligence to help teams develop the best strategy to move their marketing initiatives forward and hit benchmarks. They also offer great integration to commonly used software solutions, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce.
PathFactoryPathFactory isn't your run-of-the-mill content marketing platform. Its ideal clients are marketing organizations, not businesses. Of course, the end goal is to create great content and ROI for the end marketing organization's client. PathFactory's goal is to help marketing organizations hit all the right notes to bring their clients the ROI they need, with transparent reporting that allows them to understand their progress. With content insights that allow marketers to understand the full picture and the ability to offer clients a clear view of their end-user engagement.
ContentMXContentMX is a platform that acts as a marketing agency, taking your content from creation through conversion. Content creation includes blog posts, email blasts, and other marketing collateral to increase engagement and improve your reach. The platform helps clients find the right original content, curate content, and publish to multiple channels with ease. All of these efforts are backed up with robust reporting to allow you to see the progress your initiatives are making in the market.
KredKlout was a platform along the same lines as Kred but Klout has since ceased to exist. Making Kred the only platform out there that shows you what your online reputation is, how different actions or engagements impact you, and how to leverage yourself as an expert. In short, Kred helps you build your online reputation to gain a higher influencer rating. You can also use Kred to connect with other influencers. This tool offers you a wealth of information to help build your brand and improve your business standing and professional reputation.
SmartlingSmartling is a cloud-based translation software, allowing businesses better access to compete on a world stage without the obstacle of language. Their translation services are automated, making the process quick and easy to keep companies on schedule. They offer translations in over 150 languages across many industries. Assets that they translate include website content, video subtitles, product documentation, email content, and mobile apps.
TealiumTealium IQ and other products are made for developers but easy enough for non-technical people to understand and utilize. Their system offers great flexibility in creating and using tags and using extensions. The software allows users to connect all of their data across any of the individual silos so that their teams can function together with access to information in real time. Telium offers a tag management system that's well rated and simple to use.
EnsightenEnsighten Manage uses a tag management solution to help create a better omnichannel experience for clients and their customers. Their technology is easy enough to use to be managed by non-technical users but the system allows for enough flexibility to include options to use custom coding for programmers and more IT advanced clients. Their tag management solutions allow larger companies the ability to break through the silos dividing their data.
Google Tag ManagerGoogle's Tag Manager is the most popular tag management system. It's free to use for anyone with a Google Account, which of course, is also free. Using the tag management system allows you to easily set up tags and track usage on your website based on the variables and triggers you arrange. Your tag manager can replace the manually coded tags, making setup and use far easier for marketers.
UTMUTM offers a great way to organize, build, and track links. There is a free version available that gives you a 30-day history on your dashboard, 3 UTM templates and allows for 1 project. The free version is the better idea for beginners and those who want to test out the process. UTM also offers a free Google Chrome Extension for all of its users. The price ranges from $0 to $149 per month, with different plans available for team sizes. The highest plan works well for agencies with a large selection of templates and space for up to 50 separate projects.
JumpshotJumpshot offers a global panel of 100 million devices. This analytics company offers more than your average data - they provide a snapshot view of data collected over a 12-month period, including user actions everywhere online, even behind the walled areas that are more difficult to track. They specialize in providing insights for brands and eCommerce sites and campaign optimization. It's not just about the data they've collected, it's about how they help you use it to improve your marketing strategy.
Adobe AnalyticsAdobe Analytics is customizable so that nearly any size company can use the analytics to their benefit - small, medium, and enterprise level. It's available in the Adobe Marketing Cloud. This solution provides real-time data, letting you see a fuller picture of your customer's actions. You can organize all of the data in easy to read reporting options to analyze metrics and give you better predictive insights. You can clearly see the customer journey through your sales funnel and pick out areas to be improved and those which work well.
CrazyeggCrazyegg gives you an alternative way to view your analytics with their heatmap tool. Basically, a heatmap tool measures the clicks or areas where users interact with your website and it highlights those areas based on the amount of interaction. Red areas would be the parts with your reader clicks with greater frequency. Crazyegg also lets you view video of people using your site, so you get a better idea of engagement. The reporting features here are interesting, as well, with confetti reporting and reports showing which elements on your page received more clicks.
Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is well-known and possibly the most used type of business intelligence application. It is easier to understand for those who work with data or have a marketing background. Novices or beginners may need to take some tutorials in order to learn how to create and set up their Google Analytics to capture the data they need. It is a robust tool once you're educated on how to use it. It's also free to use for anyone with a Google Account.
Google Webmaster ToolsGoogle Webmaster Tools is a free resource and one you should definitely take advantage of. You do have to verify your site with Google first and it unlocks all of the data you need to get a great overview of performance and analytics. The downside here is that it does not provide you any information on competitors, though you can use other options for that. Webmaster Tools also gives you access to resources that help make your site better.
KissmetricsKissmetrics is a tool built for marketers and to help marketers understand their visitor response to improve conversion. They make it easy to onboard onto their platform, offering integration with many of the eCommerce solutions companies typically use. The system allows you to track visitors individually and as a group through the entire sales funnel. This gives you an instant view of visitor reactions to different marketing campaigns and offerings so you can quickly change direction or increase effort, depending on the data.
MixpanelMixpanel is an analytics company that helps businesses gather and understand their data. They offer a plethora of tools to help target communication with customers and track website and mobile app use. They also offer A/B testing features and their reporting features help companies better measure the customer journey, from anonymous traffic through conversion.
QualarooIf you want to understand your customer's wants and pain points, there's no better way than to ask them. Qualaroo software lets companies design and launch their own surveys to gain better insights into their market. The interface is user-friendly and surveys are easy to set up and launch. Once surveys are completed, you can create a full report to give better data on your customer and your company as a whole.
Google Mobile Site AnalysisThis tool gives website owners the chance to see how their site performs on mobile. Running the test is simple - type in the URL and you'll get a full report which includes a screenshot of your site, your test score, and a list of errors. This tool is completely free and is a Google product so it's already geared for their ranking and search. If you haven't been testing your site on multiple devices, this is a good way to verify that all of your coding works well and is responsive across mobile devices.
SimpleReachSimpleReach is a platform that lets companies measure and improve their content ROI. It's not enough to produce great content. Great is subjective. This company seeks to help clients produce content that meets their goals. SimpleReach meets these challenges by offering tools that measure the actual impact of content, providing clear proof of the engagement, and giving companies real ROI on their effort so that they can confidently repeat successes and eradicate the types of content that don't perform.
AdStageAdStage gives you a platform to easily compile all of your analytics across every channel in one handy location. This solution eliminates the amount of time it takes most marketers to compile data across multiple platforms. It gives you the ability to integrate your data with PPC advertising, paid social, and other web analytics and is compatible with SalesForce and Google Analytics. For marketers and the business owners who need to see the real ROI from all of their marketing efforts, AdStage removes the barriers.
ReportzIf you're having a problem compiling your data into reports that are actually useful, Reportz was made for your business. Reports can take hours of time to compile when your data is located in different platforms and on various spreadsheets. Manually manipulating data leads to errors and even when the reports are dead accurate, they can often go unused or underutilized. Reportz offers a white label reporting tool that agencies can use to gather data from multiple places. This allows you to automate the reporting process and organize it in a way that's actionable for you and your clients.
SqueezeCMMAimed at B2B marketers, SqueezeCMM specializes in helping you track information across multiple channels throughout the buyer journey. Today's digital landscape offers a lot of different channels and actions. Traditional analytics can miss the mark by not capturing all of the pertinent data to help build accurate buyer personas and content marketing strategies that meet your benchmark needs. SqueezeCMM promises to grab that data so that you have access to insights you might traditionally miss.
TrackMavenTrackMaven is a marketing analytics company that helps its clients understand the customer base and their competition to improve their placement in the market. Recently, they've announced a partnership with Skyword which may mean some interesting new rollouts in the content marketing space. The idea behind TrackMaven's software is to tie all of the channels together — social listening, website analytics, influencer marketing, SEO and organic traffic, etc. This allows their users to build a full picture of their customer and the current trends in the industry to stay in front of the competition.
WebtrendsIf you want the most ROI from your Sharepoint investment, WebTrends promises the analytics muscle and ease in reporting you need to connect all of the dots. The platform boasts many features that help you get a better idea of your customer base, letting you segment them by demographic and purchasing patterns. Overall, WebTrends can help you put together all of the analytics from each channel to guarantee that you don't miss useful insights when guiding your strategy. WebTrends also focuses on improving the implementation of SharePoint and using it to its full potential.
WoopraWoopra is an analytics software solution and it makes a pretty good argument as to why it surpasses Google Analytics. While Woopra is not free, it does have some great features which are missing from other analytics programs. You can use Woopra to see an individual picture of users, track those user activities, and follow them through your sales funnel. Woopra also allows for a real-time view of your analytics and it's easy to use. Woopra also integrates with many of the commonly used marketing systems, making consolidating and using your data much easier.
Google Page Speed InsightIf you have properties online, you understand exactly how important your website response time is for your visitors. This is true across any device and Google has followed suit by including speed in ranking sites on their search. This free tool offers you the ability to check your speed on multiple devices. It's recommended that you stay on top of your site's loading speed for Google ranking but it also makes good sense to keep your site accessible for your own customer base.
Google Mobile Site AnalysisThis tool gives website owners the chance to see how their site performs on mobile. Running the test is simple - type in the URL and you'll get a full report which includes a screenshot of your site, your test score, and a list of errors. This tool is completely free and is a Google product so it's already geared for their ranking and search. If you haven't been testing your site on multiple devices, this is a good way to verify that all of your coding works well and is responsive across mobile devices.
SeoRadarSEO Radar does exactly what the name sounds like - it monitors your SEO and sends out an alarm when something is off. You can't just set your SEO and leave it alone. Changes occur to your site and in the digital landscape all the time. This program sends you alerts so that you can see changes your competitors have made, new reviews about your products, and errors surrounding the tags and SEO on your site. If you want to stay current on everything that impacts your site and how your site performs, SEO Radar can help.
WoorankWoorank is an SEO website analysis tool that lets you in-depth reviews on your website. Run reports that give you key and specific insights as to what is working and where you need to make changes. You can view your online visibility, understand changes, and even run a competitive analysis to see where you stack up against others in your market position. You can also judge how well your site ranks and how user-friendly your site is by looking at key details in your reporting. It provides excellent insights to improve your SEO strategy.
Marketing Automation
EloquaEloqua is the cloud-based marketing automation solution created by Oracle. Its key customer base is B2B marketers, giving them excellent tools to track their customer journey throughout the cycle. Because it's cloud-based, all team members who have access can see real-time data to drive their current and future strategies and make changes as new information becomes available. The system allows marketers to track campaigns and view individual pictures of set channels or a whole picture of the entire marketing strategy.
HubSpotEveryone in any aspect of marketing has either heard of or tried out HubSpot. It's the most used software by marketers and it offers a full range of software for sales, marketing, and customer service. The free CRM tools allow marketers and small businesses to better track their customer journey and fine-tune communications to build better customer loyalty and engagement. Their solutions integrate with blogging and social media campaigns making them all in one place analytic capabilities advantageous. HubSpot is also easy to learn and use, providing great features with a lower than average training time.
Act-OnAct-On makes a marketing automation software that's excellent for companies looking to maximize their lead generation efforts with less time and effort. Their marketing automation suite allows users to integrate their CRM, social media, search marketing, and email marketing campaigns in a seamless way that cuts a lot of time out of trying to analyze data from separate channels. As the name suggests, building in these easy connections lets your sales and marketing teams act on new developments quickly, because opportunity is really just the meeting of timing and preparation.
InfusionsoftInfusionsoft offers a suite solution for small businesses to grow their customer base and profits. The software includes customer relationship management, eCommerce tools, and marketing automation. This solution is aimed at helping small businesses bridge the gaps to compete on a larger scale, allowing them to save time in compiling data and the ability to use that data advantageously to engage current and future customers. This tool puts the pieces together, from email marketing campaigns that offer personalized communication to eCommerce solutions that range from inventory to invoice. Infusionsoft is a great option for small businesses with big goals for growth.
Active CampaignFewer emails and better results - who could argue with that? ActiveCampaign is a Chicago based company that's bringing together marketing, sales, CRM, messaging, and email marketing so that their clients can get a full spectrum of where their contacts are and how best to engage them. Their dashboard is easy to use and their tools offer a lot of value. The automation features here are stellar, allowing companies to automatically follow up with personalized email and messaging in response to individual customer actions. Their reporting features are also spot on, making data more understandable and, more importantly, actionable.
MarketoMarketo boasts that it an all in one solution - one platform, all channels, and every engagement. It's a great system designed for companies that are midside up to large. This marketing automation tool lets you create seamless workflows and monitor your engagement every step of the way. All team members with access can see directly where each channel and contact stands. The interface is clean and easy to use with clearly discernable labeling, making this system easier to train on and master than other marketing automation solutions. Marketo integrates well with other CRM and marketing software, such as Salesforce, allowing companies to use both powerhouse solutions together.
PardotPardot is one of the pricier B2B marketing automation solutions, but there's a good reason for that. It's rated as one of the best in the industry and the tools and applications are well-thought-out. Pardot offers social media management tools, CRM tools, and search management. The automation is robust, allowing marketers to use their time in propelling new campaigns rather than gathering data and other manual responsibilities that this system easily accomplishes. Pardot makes it simple for users to compile accurate history on users, from general to individual, making retargeting and future communications far more effective. The engagement studio lets users automate the process further with easy to use tools and a great ability to drive conversion.
ThriveHiveThriveHive is made for the small to medium-sized businesses. Their customer base is largely those business owners who are thriving but can't afford a full service marketing department in house. ThriveHive specializes in helping these clients climb the marketing mountain by giving them easy to use software that breaks down the mystery of their marketing strategy. ThriveHive provides marketing automation that helps businesses secure more leads, build better email and social media campaigns, and improve their customer retention. They also help small businesses run analytics and understand their robust reporting features to improve processes on a regular basis. ThriveHive delivers excellent tools to help smaller companies grow.

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