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At its core, content optimization is all about getting the right content to the right people at the right time to maximize the return from your content marketing investment. Making that magic happen requires wisdom in three core pillars for content optimization: Search Engine Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, and Conversion Rate Optimization. Mastering these elements of content optimization delivers performance goals like more traffic to your website, decrease in user acquisition cost, and increase your conversion rates—all combined delivering revenue growth and return of investment you demand from content marketing.


Who are your instructors?

Byron White

Melissa Sciora

Andy Crestodina

Bernard Huang

Paul Shapiro

Ayat Shukairy

How long will this module take to complete for the certification?

Read MasterClass Book Chatper 4: Content Optimization30 Minutes
Watch Content Optimization MasterClass Overview30 Minutes
Watch Content Optimization Workshop Webinar3 Hours
Watch 3 Bonus Videos2 Hours
Review Templates/Samples/Guides1 Hour
Study and Take Content Optimization Quiz1 Hour
(Watch videos in 2X speed if you're short on time')
Read Chapter 2: Content Optimization30 Minutes
Watch MasterClass Overview30 Minutes
Watch Workshop Webinar3 Hours
Watch 3 Bonus Videos2 Hours
Review Templates/Samples/Guides1 Hour
Study and Take Quiz1 Hour
(Watch videos in 2X speed if you're short on time')


How does the Google algorithm and page rank work?

How do you optimize content for the search engines?

How do you improve and optimize your existing content, and is it worth it?

What are the best software tools for content and landing page optimization?

We've researched all the software tools for content optimization and landing page optimization, but trust me there are many, many more. Get to know these tools to become an optimization master.

Search Engine Optimization
ahrefsAhrefs is an SaaS tool that provides support for your SEO strategy. You can use Ahrefs to map your strategy and launch a detailed plan that covers everything from simple keyword and longtail keyword research to on page optimization and backlinking. Google's main focus has never changed — they rank sites that provide the best experience for the user. For site owners, though, that means a number of tools to make sure that your site meets all the criteria for your user and for Google. SEO strategy is made a lot easier with the use of Ahrefs to lead your way.
Keyword ToolKeyword Tool is a free online application to use as a way to supplement Google Keyword Planner or in place of your other Keyword tools. This tool uses Google auto complete to generate possible keyword phrases and then provides you with the tools to analyze their effectiveness to plan your content. This tool is easy to use, the interface is clean, and it is a free application. Small businesses and entrepreneurs might choose this as their main method for generating keywords or you might use this in conjunction with other keyword tools.
MAJESTICMajestic is something along the lines of Ahrefs features. It doesn't offer keyword planners, though you can supplement that need with other free or for pay tools. Majestic is a professional level web crawler to help you analyze and improve your SEO through backlinks, search score, and more. Majestic is a tool used by professional marketers, SEO professionals, and developers. It is more advanced for a more technical level of knowledge but it provides excellent all in one tools for the best ROI on your SEO strategy.
MozIf you want the best level of SEO for your website properties, and you want to do it yourself, MOZ is your answer. SEOMOZ started back when no one really understood what SEO was and their blog catapulted website owners from newbies to professional SEO experts. If you want to learn and have the aptitude and interest in running your own show, MOZ can help you get there. They offer products, training, and a plethora of information on SEO from the beginning all the way up to today.
SEMrushMOZ offers great free tools and use for newer website owners and DIY owners. SEMrush offers a well rounded tool to catapult any size company to the stratosphere. SEMrush is highly recommended by most of the experts in SEO for a reason, it gets rapid results and keeps you well informed about the direction of your site and strategies on an updated basis. With robust reporting, options for competitor knowledge, and tools to build up backlinks, SEMrush is an excellent investment if you're ready to spend on your website business.
SpyFuThe premise behind SpyFu is that you can mimic your competition's success and even improvement upon it by understanding their marketing strategy. This tool lets you see what keywords your main competitors are using in PPC ads, allows you to analyze where their backlinks are, and you can even monitor your competitors over time to keep track of what they're doing. This can give you some useful insights as to how they're building traction in the same space. You can replicate their formula while avoiding mistakes or you can use this knowledge to build a better unique position in the market for your own brand.
WordtrackerWordTracker is more than just an SEO keyword tool. It allows you to search and find longtail keywords but it also helps you to understand how competitive the keyword is and combines the search results from multiple sources for a more comprehensive understanding. This tool gives you PPC insights, competitor insights, Google data and proprietary search data to give you the fullest picture of your SEO keyword options so that you're tailoring your content for the most impact.
StatSTAT was recently acquired by MOZ. For MOZ customers and STAT customers alike, this could mean the beginning of a beautiful, full service SEO company to make sure their efforts succeed. STAT works with providing SERP (Search Engine Page Ranking) results to help build the best long tail keywords to infuse copy for better performing websites. According to the latest data, MOZ intends to release an integrated solution sometime this year, which promises to bring two of the most respected SEO companies together on one amazing solution for users.
Raven ToolsRaven Tools offers an excellent white label marketing solution for professional marketers, agencies, and freelancers who work with clients. Raven Tools allows you to run crisp, easily understandable reporting for your clients. It's an all in one solution that lets you use MOZ and Majestic data on backlinks. You can run regular website audits to keep your clients updated on any possible issues. Raven Tools makes it their business to make your business look great. It's an excellent solution for marketers who work independently and through larger agencies.
CuutioCuutio is another tool that offers a way to keep track of your SEO strategy and progress. You can monitor competitor's keywords and you can use the features to see how well your target market is finding your site. Cuutio specializes in keyword analysis. You can easily see the reporting for how your paid and organic searches are performing and make adjustments as you go.
SEOBookLike MOZ, SEOBook started back in the early days of SEO. The founder is Aaron Wall. He still regularly updates this site. It's a wealth of resources on every aspect of running a successful website, monitoring your success, and building your strategy. This is still one of the most widely respected authorities on SEO. You can find excellent training on all aspects of search engine optimization, business tips, and marketing.
SEO QuakeSEOQuake is a free tool. You download it to your web browser and it gives you insights on every single webpage you want to know about. It's a fascinating research tool. This can inform how you plan content, where you place your design elements, even the color schemes and keywords you use on your website. With SEOQuake you can get a full view of any website you're on, including page rankings, Alexa ranking, and more. You can compare your competitor's results to understand how their content performs and you can see what the core audience you need responds more readily to.
HitTailHitTail is a long tail keyword tool to help you tweak the keywords on your website to generate more organic search traffic for your desktop searchers, as well as your mobile audience. Longtail keywords make up about 70% of all searches, and they're getting more frequent with talk to text searchers. This tool can help you continue to improve your ranking with long tail keywords.
seoClaritySeoClarity uses artificial intelligence technology to handle some of the more mundane tasks of SEO so that marketers can concentrate on the thing that matters most — their users. SEO has a lot of moving parts. You have a million pieces of data to analyze in order to see if your on the right path. SeoClarity promises to use machine learning initiatives to give you better analytic insights that you can see at a glance and act on. This lets your team concentrate on the SEO strategy that will keep you growing and moving forward.
SERPs UberSuggestSERPs doesn't give you a one size fits all, all encompassing SEO solution. SERPs focuses on keywords. That's it and that's important. The interface is easy to use and you have the ability to check daily tracking so that you can change or maneuver your content strategy as the need arises. They also offer free tools like the Keyword Rank Checker, Keyword Research Database, and the Google Location Changer.
TagCrowd"Visualizing word frequency in a piece of written content yields valuable insight into things like reader perception, SEO, and word frequency. TagCrowd offers a simple platform for creating word clouds, which are also sometimes referred to as text or tag clouds. Just pop in your content in one of three ways, (by copy/pasting, uploading a text file, or providing a URL), and hit the ""Visualize!"" button. Tag clouds are useful for everything from doing a basic website scan for SEO optimization to doing a quick visual analysis of the given data on a page of text like a job resume. "
Keywords EverywhereKeyword incorporation shouldn't be difficult, and it definitely shouldn't be expensive. Imagine a plug-in for your browser, either Chrome or Firefox, that immediately showed you things like Google keyword search volume and competition data from other keywords used on different websites. You don't even have to imagine it, Keywords Everywhere is the real deal. This completely free extension pulls instant keyword metrics that you can actually download in a file and save for later recollection. Best of all, you can use the extension on some of the biggest websites like eBay, Amazon, and Moz.
ScreamingFrogIf you want a multi-faceted search marketing agency, Screaming Frog is it. From pay-per-click marketing to search engine optimization, this UK-based company knows their stuff. But, if you want a free tool that will help you with technical SEO audits and analyzing, Screaming Frog also gives you that with no strings attached. The Screaming Frog SEO spider tool is one of the most trusted, most used SEO tools out there, and there is no question as to why. With this one tool, you can seek out duplicate copy across the internet, analyze metadata on your site pages, and use the integrated crawler to spot broken links.
Landing Page Optimization
BrightInfoIncreasing your conversion rate can be tough stuff. Even a ton of work may sometimes yield you a 5 or 6 percent boost in conversion rates, but the biggest challenge is understanding why conversions don't happen and where visitors fall off the proverbial map in search of something else. BrightInfo is one of the latest and most effective landing page optimization tools out there. Integrating the self-learning algorithm known as JARGON™ allows for real-time tracking of visitors and automatic content customization depending on that visitor's behavior. The impact of relevancy takes your website to an entirely new level where conversion happens naturally.
LeadpagesIt's every website owner's dream to turn clicks into customers, and that's exactly what Leadpages is all about. The Leadpages conversion toolkit is a user-friendly way to nab the attention of your audience from the time they land on the first page of your site. A website must be both attractive and fully functional, but it must also be perfectly and purposefully optimized for proper conversion. Once you've signed up for a free trial, you get to use all the tools available, including impressive templates, to build professional-looking pages that are specifically designed with click conversion in mind.
OptimizelyExperimentation is the driving force behind innovation. It is through experiments that we determine what is going to work and what is going to fail. If you look at things from a content marketing standpoint, the same rule applies. Optimizely is all about allowing room for that experimentation to happen. Marketers get the opportunity to test digital ideas and develop successful strategies that are easy to implement. With Optimizely being trusted by BIG names in the world of the internet like eBay and IBM, these guys are surely onto something effective.
UnbounceUsed by some of the biggest brands like Hootsuite and Thomson Reuters, Unbounce gives users mobile-responsive templates for landing pages, sticky bars, and popups. A 14-day free trial allows you to browse the multitude of templates, try them out, and find out what works. Stretching a minimal ad budget further is simplified with Unbounce, which allows users to reduce the costs of per-click advertising. One of the biggest differences with Unbounce is you get total creative control over pages and an all-in-one platform.
Visual Website OptimizerA/B testing and conversion optimization are two processes that should go hand-in-hand. Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) gives you both in the form of an easy-to-use platform and free tools. For added tools, VWO offers different plans to allow users to pick the plan that works best for their business operation. Used by some of the top websites across the web, the tools offered by VWO are meant to help you conduct visitor research and build a roadmap to help you achieve your overall conversion goals.
ConcurraAnalytics used to optimize your website should not be hard to gather, and the tools you need to gather analytics should be in one place. Concurra is one of the leading web optimization tools because it gives users goal tracking, session recording, analytic data, and more all together. Instead of having one platform for one thing and another for something else, Consurra streamlines everything to make on-page optimization a simple feat. The platform was the first of its kind when it went live in 2017, and has quickly gained traction as one of the most noteworthy web optimization tools around.
BouncexWith the level of insight technology gives, there is no reason why a visitor should be turned off by something on your website that does not apply or pique their curiosity. BounceX is a platform that allows the recognition of traffic in real time so what the visitors see is what they would likely want to see. Programs like this allow marketing to people instead of cookies, which is an outdated practice anyway. Recognized by Forbes, BounceX is one of the fastest growing software companies of the current age and triggered marketing is on the rise, so more sites are bound to start using these programs.
HotJarTurning visitors into customers is sometimes more about understanding their behavior once they get on your web pages, and HotJar helps marketers and site owners do just that. With interactive heat maps to show where customers are clicking, scrolling, and otherwise interacting with the site, it's easy to understand where improvements could be made or changes are necessary. Other tools like polls and surveys also grant insight. Hotjar offers a free 15-day trial, but many of the tools are free of charge.
Conversion Boosters
SniplyPart of the reason why conversion fails is visitors and viewers just don't see a clear call to action. Sniply is an easy tool that allows users to create a customized call-to-action button that can be added to just about any link or page. Need a call-to on a social media link? You can do it. Need a call-to in a well-placed ad? It can be done. Getting started with Sniply is free, and just using this one tool can drastically spike conversion rates. Not only does Sniply give you call-to-action links needed, but they also provide real-time data regarding link clicks and audience engagement.
SUMOA total throng of solutions in one place makes it easy to convert visits to actual sales or revenue, and SUMO is kind of like that one-stop shop that makes it all happen. Create everything from nifty pop-ups and website displays that are optimized for mobile devices right on the platform. SUMP states that they don't offer tools but solutions, and in all rights, that's the truth. Tools like Welcome Mat, List Builder, and Smart Bar have been used to create stunning conversion solutions on big name websites owned by people like Tony Robbins and Pistol Canyon.
OptkitBeing able to optimize content through graded targeting is one of the often overlooked keys to making conversion work out for the better, but tools like those that are offered by Optkit make that whole ordeal easier to bear. You get the opportunity to use a program that will create campaigns as they are needed, so visitors tend to see more of what they want and are less likely to dash away before they become an actual customer. Optkit utilizes third-party integrations to evolve how customers experience your website.
Deadline FunnelsSometimes converting traffic into sales is all about the big stuff, but other times, it's about the small details and tools that naturally generate more follow through with visitors. One of those little tools that can drastically up sales conversion is a basic timer. Say you have a new product release and want a special introductory price, you want a deadline timer on the site to let visitors know the special price is only good for so many hours. Deadline Funnel is the tool you can use to generate these countdown clocks and deadlines on your website. The platform is straightforward and simple to use, and you get a free trial.
UseProofYou can't really go wrong with a tool that claims you can boost conversion rates by 10 percent in 10 minutes or less, and that's precisely what Proof has to offer. Proof helps build conversion with tools that help you with things like leads, signups, opt-ins, and more. People say Proof is super-easy to use, with it taking only about 10 to 20 minutes to get everything set up just how you would like it to be. Campaigns can be created, such as a recent conversion/activity campaign, to yield valuable data about what could be lacking.
TechValidateHosted by SurveyMonkey, TechValidate is used by some pretty major players in the online world like IBM and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. TechValidate says that only about 5 to 10 percent of comments from satisfied customers ever get formally recorded. The platform helps by automating the sometimes tedious process of gathering those positive statements and getting them positioned in the right places. But, that's not all the platform offers; they also provide numerous tools to help you through the various aspects of sales acceleration, from acquiring and nurturing leads to supporting the details of a sale.
Google ReviewsGoogle is the place you can ask anything, truly it is. And when it comes to getting the low-down on products, services, apps, tools, Google Reviews gives it to you. Want to garner trust with prospects? Get good reviews on Google and you're pretty much all set. Companies who manage to keep their ratings high on Google see higher conversion rates over the long-term. Google is the internet giant people turn to for reliable info.
G2 CrowdImagine needing the right marketing software or content tools for your website or business. Now imagine you've gathered a stadium full of experienced people like you to give you their first-hand advice. G2 Crowd is a little like that; It's your stadium full of information-holding people who are happy to share what they know. Digital advertising platforms, software services, content management tools—ask about the things you come across and services that make you wonder on G2 Crowd and people are there to answer in the form of unbiased reviews. How do you know they're unbiased? Users are authenticated through LinkedIn profiles to make sure they are not affiliated with the service/products they review. With that being said, it's also easy to understand how good reviews on a site like G2 would be worth their weight in gold.
Review PoppaGetting reviews on sites like G2 Crowd and Google Reviews is all well and good, but just how do you encourage natural, authentic reviews? Here comes Review Poppa to save the day. Review Poppa is a service of sorts that helps you reach and get those reviews you need and get them posted in the right places on the internet. Best of all. Review Poppa filters out the really bad stuff so what gets put out there is actually in your favor. The custom-review technology hosted by the service works for many types of websites, and Review Poppa helps get those reviews on the biggest names in online reviews.
Trust RadiusA full-blown community of trusted, vetted professionals, Trustradius is one of the most commonly referenced review sites on the internet, and it is not without reason. Software, services, and tech products are all things you find reviews about on Tech Radius, and you can rest assured that whatever reviews you do find are going to be both authentic and highly informative. When a vendor gets their name on Trustradius with high reviews from actual clients, they can automatically see an improvement in their conversion rates.
Account Based Marketing
DEMANDBASEB2B account-based marketing platforms are a little harder to find than B2C marketing platforms. But Demandbase is perhaps one of the leaders in the niche, and they offer marketers a unique set of tools to really target those online ads to the business owners who truly need their services. No matter the channel, campaign, or vendor, the tools available on Demandbase are flexible enough to be suitably used across just about every arena. According to their website, 96 percent of B2B marketers see a positive impact by using the account-based marketing tools offered by Demandbase.
JahiaHaving an account-based marketing platform that allows you to create completely customized ads and campaigns is ever-important. Otherwise, you end up with ads that look a lot like the same ads every company uses. Jahia is highly praised because of its customization capabilities. The platform makes it easy to inject your own business personality and establish brand identity. Best of all, Jahia supports both on-prem and cloud-based campaigns, so you can upload and manage content without taking up valuable in-house space.
AcxiomManaging audiences and creating more personalized customer experiences is what Acxiom is all about. Employing the right marketing tactics for the right customer is what account-based marketing is all about, whether you are optimizing your web page or integrating a unique AI plan. Acxiom is one of the world's largest data collection agencies, so their InfoBase can be used to harness the power of knowing who your customers are, what they want to see, and how they should be marketed to by your business.
CaliberMindEnvision a B2B buyer intelligence software that provides an in-depth look at the psychographic profiles of buyers. This is exactly what CaliberMind is all about. Named appropriately, CaliberMind is the first solution of its kind in the world of marketing. They analyze things like human language and input from multiple sourced data points to create buyer personas so account-based marketers have a springboard to work off of with each type of buyer. The prime goal of CaliberMind is to help marketers build true revenue instead of helping them pursue leads, which is what the long-term goal should be in any prosperous online company.
AlterianWith a platform boasting a name like Chameleon, you can pretty much guarantee a company has something unique to offer in the world of ABM. Chameleon, created by the company Alterian, offers an adaptive customer experience by allowing things like immediately personalized messages in real time for site visitors. Those who use Alterian solutions claim that ease-of-use is one of the biggest perks, but the company also provides useful articles to help better understand the tools and navigating the platform as well.

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