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According to Content Marketing Institute, the top three content marketing challenges for businesses are producing engaging content (36%), producing enough content (21%), and budget to produce content (20%).

The content creation module aims to solve these challenges, offering an essential guide for content creation that will deliver the performance you demand for budget security. You’ll learn what great content is, and how to create and optimized it for readers and the search engines, with style flexing tactics for different personas and journey map stages. And you’ll learn the best tools you need to create the best content to engage your audience.


Who are the instructors of the Content Planning Module?

Byron White

Joanna Wiebe

Andy Crestodina

Justin Andrews

Josh Bernoff

Andrew Tarvin

How long will the content creation module take to complete for the certification?

Read MasterClass Book Chatper 2: Content Creation30 Minutes
Watch Content Creation MasterClass Overview30 Minutes
Watch Content Creation Workshop Webinar3 Hours
Watch Comedy Workshop Webinar3 Hours
Watch 3 Bonus Videos2 Hours
Review Templates/Samples/Guides1 Hour
Study and Take Content Creation Quiz1 Hour
(Watch videos in 2X speed if you're short on time')
Read Chapter 2: Content Creation30 Minutes
Watch MasterClass Overview30 Minutes
Watch Workshop Webinar3 Hours
Watch Comedy Workshop Webinar3 Hours
Watch 3 Bonus Videos2 Hours
Review Templates/Samples/Guides1 Hour
Study and Take Quiz1 Hour
(Watch videos in 2X speed if you're short on time')


Learn how to create optimize content for readers and the search engineers and how to make your content more engaging and persuasive with “money words” that boost conversion and sales. And learn how to create different types of content assets with the right tone and style for each audience, with variations for each channel.

What is remarkable content?

Great content has what we call Snap, Crackle, and Pop— a phrase we pulled from the cartoon mascots of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies breakfast cereal. Content snaps when the headline or title leaps off the page or screen, stopping readers in the tracks with inspiriation or curiosity to read on. Content crackles when it connects with readers in an emotional way releasing dopamine to the brain by touching the heart or making the reader smile. Content pops when it transforms browsers into believers, and believers into buyers that are inspired to take action in a variety of ways. Bring on the merry chorus and fairly tale song for Snap, Crackle, Pop!

What is good vs great content?

The difference between good and great content may be the elements that bind readers to your content and your brand. Here we mean elements like unleashing a story, stirring up controversy, suprising or delighting people, stating strong opinion or triggering emotional connection, as noted above. Learn more with the Core Content Creation video.

How do I create great content?

As the former CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi and author Kevin Roberts once declared in his book Sisomo we reference in this module: “The [marketing] future belongs to those who can make emotional connections in the market[place]. We are in a game now of creating loyalty beyond price, beyond attribution, beyond benefit, beyond product, beyond form, beyond process, beyond technology.”

Neuromarketing shows us that our feelings are the driver for our choices, not reason and rationale. Story is one way of connecting empathetically with readers. Stories awaken emotions with surprise, amazement, curiosity, and uncertainty. Crafting content with these emotions in mind will increase your content’s chances to attract and engage readers, and keep them coming back for more.

What are the elements of great content?

  • Empathy: Emotional connection with readers
  • Simplicity: Ease of accesss, understanding and readability
  • Relevance: Relational connection with readers
  • Value: Elimination of pain, or deliver of knowledge, pleasure, or meaning
  • Purpose: Clear reason, understanding, or mitigation of fear
  • Timeliness: Published at the right time
  • Trust: Reliability earned by research, honesty, and prowess
  • Novelty: New or unusual in an interesting way
  • Performance: Deliver on goals and expectations

What are the 9 characteristics of great writers?

Learn elements we typically find with the great writers at WriterAccess that consistently deliver the great content our customers demand for success.

  • #1 Freakishly Passionate
  • #2 Masterfully Digital
  • #3 Understand the paradox of choice
  • #4 Socractic in Nature
  • #5 Shape Perception
  • #6 New Meaning
  • #7 Great Storytellers
  • #8 Risk Takers
  • #9 Style Flexers

What are the top 7 “money words” that copywriters use to boost engagement and conversions?

Joanna Wiebe reveals the top 7 proven words that professional copywriters use to boost conversion rates, decrease churn rates, and generate explosive revenue—all with case studies and data to showcase the power of the “surprise” words. It all begins with a pop quiz to test y our content creation design skills:

  • If you have a big objection to overcome, any idea what [persuasive] technique you should prioritize in your copy?
  • If you have particularly jumpy customers, any idea what phrase to use to make them feel they’re deciding logically, not emotionally?
  • If you’re struggling to keep people reading down the page, any idea what [persuasive] technique you should pop into your copy?

How is writing for the web different vs print advertising or copywriting?

Andy Crestondina dives deeply into how creating content is very different for the web, surfacing opportunity for search optimization, link building, authority development, AB testing, conversion rate optimization and more.

How do you create content that speaks to your audience and works toward your goals?

Learn from Andy the two types of audience that matter most for your content creation goals: Transaction visitors to your website want product or service information, and marketing support throughout their journey. Informational visitors want answers to their questions on topics that interest them beyond the scope of products and services. Creating content that connects with your audience requires starts by researching readers challenges and designing different content solutions for different audiences.

What are the two types of content do people share and link to the most?

According to Steve Rayson, co-founder of BuzzSumo, if you want to create content that achieves a high level of both shares and links then you should concentrate on either a. opinion forming, authoritative content or b. well researched and evidenced content. And if you want to create content that achieves the HIGHEST level of both shares and links, you should concentrate on strong opinion content featuring original research. Look for Andy to guide you through some great examples of how to create original research that delivers incredible leads and marketing results in this module.

What are the best software tools for content creation?

We've researched all the software tools you’ll need to implement your content creation strategy, hire freelancers, creation images, optimization headlines, build presentations, and even find inspiration when you need it.
Talent Pools
99designsYou no doubt understand how important the visual side of your business is to its success - but at the same time, you may not have the ability to hire your own in-house design department. That's not a problem any longer, however, as 99designs is here to fill that gap in your own expertise in the most effective way possible. You can get the perfect logo design, website layout, book cover or something else entirely - all in more than 90 different categories with solutions that are built with your budget in mind.
Boost MediaCrafting the perfect marketing message is only part of the job you're working on. Getting that message in front of the right people at precisely the right time is another major element of your success, and that is what Boost Media is all about. Powered by artificial intelligence, Boost Media handles all of your paid-search needs by making sure you always achieve maximum ROI on your advertising spend at all times. It's been used by many leading brands like Google, eBay, Microsoft, Hilton and more and is the perfect opportunity to let you manage and optimize your ad creative at scale.
ScriptedAt its core, Scripted is a powerful network of thousands of professional copywriters - all armed and ready to leverage their talents for brands like yours. Not only can you get instant access to 100% original blog posts and other collateral to power your content marketing, but this is also an incredible opportunity to increase website traffic through superior newsletters, social posts, and even long-form documents like eBooks and white papers, too.
TextbrokerThese days, content marketing and marketing are one in the same - only through valuable, high-quality content will you be able to really strike a chord you need with your audience. Textbroker is a platform designed to make that easier than ever, bringing clients and authors together in a way that is fast, affordable and (most importantly) scalable as well. Whether you're looking for blog posts, product descriptions or even entire outreach campaigns, Textbroker gives you access to thousands of freelance writers who are ready to deliver custom, high-quality content to fit your needs - regardless of what your needs or budget requirements happen to be.
UpworkUpwork is more than just another freelance writer network. It's the perfect opportunity to grow your business through a worldwide pool of talent and has already been used by Dropbox, Airbnb, UCLA, and others. The major selling point here is that you can find someone for ANY scope of work you have in mind - from short-term tasks and one-off projects to recurring needs and even full-time contract work. Regardless of what you're hoping to accomplish, you'll be able to easily find someone with the highly specialized skills to deliver.
WriterAccessWriterAccess is a platform that not only gives you access to more than 15,000 highly qualified, specially vetted writers and content creators, but that has also been used by more than 25,000 different satisfied customers around the world. You can easily place an order for nearly any type of content you can think of, from articles to blog posts to social posts, tech papers, white papers and beyond. With the StyleMetrics Matcher, you can find the perfect writer in an instant - all by way of an innovative new tool that is powered by IBM Watson and the stunning minds at Cambridge University in England.
Wordy"There's an old saying that tells us ""writing is rewriting"" - which is a phrase that people often forget about until they're deep in the weeds of the editing process. With Wordy, however, that's not something you have to worry about any longer - you can save up to 30% of the time you spend on writing by handing your content over to an army of experts for online proofreading and copy-editing services. Make sure that all of your content has come out exactly the way you needed it to in a way that will surely resonate with your audience and save both time and money while you do it."
PowerPostIf you truly want to make sure that your content is as good as it can possibly be, PowerPost is certainly how you do it. Not only is niche content the specialty of the platform, but you get access to a newsroom of journalists who have all the search engine dominance you need with all of the industry authority that would add up to significant costs if you were trying to bring your own people in-house. You get a no-fail, proven process designed to help you become a power publisher AND access to unparalleled, real-time competitor, industry and performance intelligence at the exact same time.
FlexjobsFlexJobs is the perfect way to find talent for all those critical business tasks that may not require you to bring on a full-tie staff member to fill them. With FlexJobs, you get your pick from a small army of hand-screened remote, part-time, freelance and (most critically) flexible workers who are ready and willing to be whatever you need them to be in the moment. But more than that, it's a way to create a better work situation - whatever that means to you specifically is what FlexJobs is here to provide.
Influitive AdvocateHubInfluitive AdvocateHub is engagement and advocacy software, yes - but it's also so much more than that. Through an innovative blend of personalization and game design, Influitive AdvocateHub doesn't just make it possible to better engage with your customers - it allows you to create a far more rewarding experience while you do it. You can give all of your brand advocates a more personalized experience by way of custom challenges, for example. You can also further increase the specificity of those efforts moving forward by way of access to an interactive activity feed that unlocks consumer preferences, demographics and even past behavioral information for you to take full advantage of.
MavrckMavrck is an influencer marketing platform that connects brands with relevant influencers and advocates who harness the power of social media. Brands use Mavrck's powerful platform to build and strengthen relationships with influencers and advocates who align with their brand and drive results. With an emphasis on performance forecasting, real-time reporting, and optimization, Mavrck provides an excellent service for marketers. Need to amp up your loyalty or referral programs? Check out Mavrck.
VisuallyThe importance of visual content in the world of digital marketing cannot be overstated enough. Not only are visuals naturally more engaging, but they're also shared more often than any other type of content - particularly on social media. With that in mind, Visually is here to help you meet all of these things and more. It's more than just a source for top notch visual content for modern marketers - it's a brand new way to think about content creation by way of specialized creative talent that is always online and always on-demand whenever the need arises.
UpfluenceInfluencer marketing is a massive boost to any brand these days. Why rely only on your audience when you can also leverage someone else's, too? Upfluence is a platform designed to help you do precisely that, allowing you access to state-of-the-art influencer marketing tools to not only help you select your influencers, but also manage and analyze your relationships and influencer campaign performance in a way that effortlessly scales with your business, too. With influencer analytics, you don't have to wonder about the power of your influencer campaigns. You'll know, beyond the shadow of a doubt - and that is a very exciting position to be in.
Tribe GroupTribe Group is all about storytelling, yes - but at its core, it's really so much more. You're an expert in running your business and representing your brand. You might not be an expert in accounting and finance, digital and insights, marketing, office and admin, sales, supply chain and operations and other important topics. Through the art of storytelling, Tribe Group is a service that is all about people. By creating a model that is all about capturing the information that people know well and providing it to clients in an informative, interesting and useful way, it's the perfect chance to leverage someone else's experience for the benefit of your brand and what it represents.
NeoReachAt its core, NeoReach is an influencer marketing platform built for scale, designed entirely with brands like yours in mind. It's a way to seamlessly search, manage and even track user-generated content campaigns - allowing you to always keep your finger on the pulse of what's working and (more importantly) what isn't. You get to create effective influencer campaigns with powerful insights by filtering through literally millions of influencers to find the one that captures your target audience's attention in that special way. You can handle all communication, contracts and even deals right from the same platform - amplifying your brand in the process.
KlearThese days, people just don't trust ads anymore. They trust influencers - and that's exactly what Klear wants to help leverage to your advantage. It's a way to find and strike deals with the people who your audience is already paying attention to, yes. But in reality, it's a way to build trust with those people - the importance of which cannot be overstated. From a single screen you get to find influencers, analyze their content, manage your relationships and monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns - making sure that you always have the most complete and actionable information to work from at all times.
Topic Ideation
HubspotHubSpot's Blog Ideas Generator is a free tool available to any blogger who'd like to use it. Simply type in up to five nouns and submit. The tool gives you a week's worth of blog topics to write about. You also have the option of unlocking a year's worth of blog topics by filling out a form with pertinent demographic information on your business. The Ideas Generator is great to spur your creativity and give you a jumping off point to plan your publishing schedule. You can use the topics as titles or tweak them.
BuzzsumoBuzzSumo is a content research tool and a lot of social media marketers will tell you that it's indispensable. One great feature on BuzzSumo is that it lets you easily find the top influencers based on your search. Another great option when using BuzzSumo is in ideation. You can search to see what content ranks highest based on keywords and tailor your own content accordingly or use those high ranked pieces as a jumping off point to create original content more likely to grab views. BuzzSumo has pricing plans based on your business model and need.
SEMrush Topic ResearchSEMrush has a tool called Topic Research that can help you zero in on the best topics for your content strategy. What's great about this tool is that it helps you come up with the most clickable headlines. Of course, it's up to the creator to make sure the content is valuable enough to be worth the click because readers are getting adept at avoiding catchy headlines with no substance. This tool also gives you a great overview of the statistics involved in any query, so you can see how well competing content performs and can plan your own content accurately.
ahrefs Content ExplorerAhrefs Content Explorer is a tool for content creators and marketers to help create their own content strategy and choose the best ideas for their website content. You can use this tool to generate a list of popular or widely shared articles based on set metrics. Content Explorer allows you to see social shares, organic search results, and the number of websites with links to that article. You can also search based on filters, such as traffic, word count, and social shares. The article index is updated daily for more robust search and a great advantage when vetting possible topics.
Answer The PublicAnswer The Public is a fantastic free resource for anyone in marketing, PR, or anyone creating content for fun or for profit. That's a pretty wide statement, but it is also free, so you have nothing to lose. Add your keyword to the search bar and Answer The Public generates a great list of questions based on Google and Bing search results. These questions represent the most searched for information on your topic, or what your audience really wants to know. There are also options to take their free course on using the search insights, as well.
Google Search ConsoleGoogle Search Console is a comprehensive and completely free set of tools available through Google. Because these tools are created by Google, you also know that they're ideal to help you create content that ranks well on, you guessed it, Google Search. You may also remember Google Search Console referred to as Webmaster Tools. It still has some of the same features but many are improved and Google offers free tutorials and references to help you maximize these tools to build excellent content.
grepwordsGrepWords is still a newer resource but several SEO experts are touting its usability. To simplify, GrepWords is a keyword database, but it's so much more than that. It helps you narrow down the best keywords for different content types, such as video, and your content intent. You can fine-tune your search for the best commercial keywords, keywords that work well to promote Amazon or eBay items, and more. You can search the database to find the best keyword phrase for local, national, or worldwide audiences and use those results to tailor your content strategy in the coming weeks or months.
KparserThis is another keyword research tool and Kparser is free to use. You don't even need to fill out information for an upsell anywhere, the tool is available with no strings attached. This can work as a nice supplement for Google Keyword Planner and any other SEO tools you might be using. A great benefit of Kparser is that it not only focuses on Google. It also includes other search engines, such as Bing, and platforms, such as Amazon, YouTube, and eBay. Kparser works well to create content on your site but it also helps with PPC ads and other collateral around the web.
RedditUnless you live under a rock, you know what Reddit is, but you might not know how you can cultivate this site for content ideas. Reddit is highly populated — if you go by Alexa ranking, it's in the top ten as far as popularity among all platforms. People find the site easily usable and that helps for your query. To give you better insights to build fresh content, look for issues that people are struggling with in your topic. You can search subreddits using search terms that indicate a question which will open up a variety of different posts by people struggling with some aspect of that category. Where there are common questions, there are great ideas for your next blog post or article.
Cool InfographicsNot everyone is inspired by words. But most people can catch some of the excitement from well-executed images. Cool Infographics aims to help you create the right images to further your brand, message, and goals. Randy Krum is the author of Design Infographics, published by Wiley. Through his site, webinars, and various appearances, Randy provides great resources for marketing professionals and do it yourself-ers to create the designs they dream of and to tell the story that resonates with their audience.
Infographic ShowcaseInterested in creating your own infographics? This site will give you some fantastic inspiration on your quest to create the most stunning and informational graphic design offerings for your own web properties. Infographic Showcase offers a compilation of infographics from across the web and those submitted by users. Use the site for inspiration, submit your own infographic designs to be published, or hire a graphic designer to create the perfect visual representation for your next project.
Submit InfographicsAre you trying to design your first infographic? Maybe you're looking for some inspiration while you noodle the best visual way to translate dry data. Submit Infographics might be just the site you crave. At Submit Infographics, all the samplings are user generated. There's a range from novice to very skilled graphic designers. The site offers the ability to submit your infographics and have them critiqued to better build your skill level and learn what design features work and don't work so well. Use the site to provide more ideas for your own projects or to strengthen design skills if you're interested in creating your own.
AdEspresso Ad ExamplesCreated by Hootsuite, AdEspresso removes the complications in the realm of Facebook Advertising. As the algorithms changed, using old methods of promoting on business pages and posting in groups or creating your own groups on platforms like Facebook stopped offering as much traction. Now, more than ever, knowing how to run a successful ad campaign is integral to getting the ROI from this platform. AdEspresso shows you what works and what doesn't in real, live, Facebook ads. It offers an easy to use dashboard and is touted as much more user-friendly for beginners.
Campaign Monitor GalleryIf you're looking for a few new ideas for your next email campaign, Campaign Monitor Gallery has a wealth of examples. The great thing about this gallery is that you get a wide variety of brands and offerings to study. Campaign Monitor has put together nearly 100 of the best email marketing campaigns from the top agencies in the industry. See what works for those in your industry and see if you can take some inspiration from a different field.
Really Good EmailsIf you thought Campaign Monitor's Gallery offered a wealth of ideas with their curated email campaigns, you'll definitely want to check out Really Good Emails. RGE features more than 4,000 email samples and accepts submissions to feature readers. This is a great website to learn what works and what doesn't for the newer email marketers. It's also fantastic for those who want to keep their fingers on the pulse of digital creativity.
Creation Tools
CanvaCanva is basically a graphic design tool for people who don't know anything about graphic design. The great thing here is that it's easy to use and you can create printable, quality graphics. On the downside, it has limited templates and if you're using the free version, you'll need to pay for any images or upload your own. It is very easy to use for anyone, probably too easy to use for those who have any background in professional design. For a small business owner, though, Canva can offer a quick to use and clean option to design everything from infographics to logos.
Adobe Creative CloudAdobe Creative Cloud delivers all the professional graphic software you've come to know from Adobe, though a monthly subscription and in the cloud. The student subscription is about 60% less expensive than the professional, though monthly fees are affordable. Professional grade software (and Adobe is the highest quality here) is necessary for anyone who offers their graphics as a service or product. If you're not interested in creating your own graphics, this might be an expense you can skip using basic free software solutions or outsourcing your designs.
AudacityIf you're looking for a way to create professional level audio recordings, Audacity is a free open source software solution that can help you make great quality audio. This software is perfect for podcasts or recording your own music/vocals. It boasts an easy to use interface for those who aren't sound engineers by trade. There are also a lot of settings and special effects options to help you create the unique sounds you're going for in your audio creation.
PiktochartPiktochart was one of the first solutions geared to help make your visual presentations top quality without needing to hire a graphic designer. For today's small businesses and solopreneurs, Piktochart gives you the ability to create stunning infographs and other visual storytelling options to boost your marketing offerings to a level that competes with much larger companies. You can use Piktochart for internal needs, like reporting options, to external marketing endeavors, such as webinars and presentations. Piktochart is comparable to Canva for usability and cost.
Lumen5If you need a way to add eye popping video to your social media channels or to fill out your blog or website, Lumens5 can fit the order. This video creation platform boasts that you can easily make videos in minutes. And it really is pretty easy, even for someone with limited technical skills. Lumens5 has drag and drop features and straightforward tools. Videos offer much better conversion than other types of content. Lumens5 gives you all the tools you need to competently add eye-catching video to fill out your channels.
CoSchedule Headline Analyzer"There is no shortage of buzz about the importance of the right headline. Blog posts are written about them, marketing strategies are built around them, and a great headline promises the difference between ""meh"" content and going viral. CoSchedule's Headline Analyzer tool gives you the science to back up your headline creation. You can type in your headline and see what's missing and how to improve it. Will the Headline Analyzer give you the magic bullet to write a headline that automatically goes viral? No. But it can help you strengthen your headlines to give you a better chance and catching attention. "
CerosCeros bills itself as a tool to help the world unlock creativity. That's a powerful catchphrase and it's pretty accurate. There's sometimes a cut off between the creative ideas in the marketing department and the way programmers work. Ceros is a tool that lets the graphic designer or marketer put together their own interactive content, without the need for a programmer or IT technician. Ceros gives you some tools to bring the creativity back to your content offerings, making them more enticing for your audience. This tool is all about making interactive content accessible for small businesses and letting your creative team do what they do best.
PreziPrezi is a presentation software solution to help you create stunning, professional level presentation materials. You have access to a huge database of shared presentations and blank templates. This means that you never have to start from scratch. You can use one of the templates as a base, making the process easier. You can use Prezi to build a stunning presentation as a solo project or work with teams in a collaborative effort. The site is streamlined and easy to use.
PixlrPixlr is a photo editor that allows you to create stunning, professional looking photos without using cumbersome or hard to understand professional software. Pixlr offers free apps and is easy to use on your choice of devices. Create special effects, enhance photos, manipulate images to create artistic renderings, or just minimize the bags under your eyes and improve skin tone. Pixlr lets you add graphics, fonts, overlays, filters, and more. Giving you an app on any device or right on your desktop to create shareable images that rock.
PicMonkeyPicMonkey goes a few steps above and beyond, making even the least crafty digital dweller a veritable graphic rock star. This is a great photo editor for anyone who wants to play with artistic templates, create gorgeous collages, or really ramp up their visual appeal on business and personal social media pages. PicMonkey is known for the great collages that you can create and there are a tone of professionally set templates to make your efforts look like you majored in design. They also offer all the bangs and whistles in font choices, graphics, and filters.
SumoPaintIf you're looking for a free alternative to the expensive photo editing software, like Photoshop, SumoPaint might be just what you need. It offers a lot of variety and a great community to answer questions about using the tools. It's also far simpler than professional editing software to master. SumoPaint offers the ability to bring files from your computer, a URL, or upload directly from Facebook so that you can grab the image you want and work on it directly on the app, save, and share. Come for the great tools, and stay because the amazingly talented community gives you oodles of inspiration for projects to come.
ZmagsZmags promises something earth-shattering for marketers — high converting content with NO CODING. One thing ZMags gets absolutely right is Omnichannel efforts. It promises the same customer experience no matter where it's delivered — on a phone app, through email, online, or on Facebook. This is a great option to create interactive catalog experiences for your audience wherever you find them. They even offer a shopping cart feature so your customers can purchase directly from your Facebook page.
SnapAppThis content creation platform lets your business create the content and gather qualified leads in one, straightforward location. With reporting features and insights to help your business understand the customer journey, SnapApp's main function is to help the marketers understand what the sales department needs in its leads so that it can improve the process and measure the results. One of the features that really works well here is the content creation tool that allows you to quickly create quizzes and interactive content.
WideoWant to cash in on the massive conversion rate for video content but don't have the equipment or knowledge to create a video? Wideo provides a great option for a business that wants to create animated video content for their web properties or social media accounts. The platform is easy to use and there are affordable payment options, with a free trial period to test the waters. Use the templates available through Wideo or upload your own content.
AnimatronAnimatron lets your company make animated videos at a professional level with a very easy to use interface. That's the basic bottom line. There are a lot of animation video companies to choose from and Animatron rates pretty well here. It's simple to use, offers a good variety of images and choices, and boosts a bit better for social media users — it resizes your videos to specifically fit the platform you'll be uploading it to, making the process even easier to capture the attention of your tribe wherever they reside. If you want to cash in on video content but don't have the budget to outsource professional videos, Animatron can get you started on your animated journey.
SnapseedThis is a fantastic photo editing app for professional or serious photographers. You'll get a great amount of versatility, filters, effects, and tools. It's not as simple to use as some of the photo editing apps that are aimed at a general market. This is why it's better for professional photographers or those who understand more technical aspects of photo editing. This is ranked as one of the best mobile apps for professional photo editing because it does allow for more intricate and detailed editing options. You can create beautiful images with Snapseed and share right from your phone, wherever you are.
PowToonPowToon is an animation software that's fairly straightforward and easy to use. It offers free, Pro, and Business level payment structures. Of course, higher levels unlock more templates, audio tracks and usage rights. For the highest membership, rights for created videos can be transferred to a third party, which might make PowToon an option for freelancers and writers who want to add video creation to their list of services for clients. Presentations might be used professionally, personally, or in educational environments — for classrooms or webinars.
GrammarBaseGrammarBase can be installed on your web browser and is a free app. The nice thing with this app is that it allows you to quick check your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and even catches plagiarism right in your web browser. This application works any time you're typing, so all of your written correspondence will look professional, even if you're just rifling out a tweet or status update quickly. The application also works to check email correspondence and longer, more professional communications, giving you a safety net to make sure your presentation online is as professional as you'd like it to be.
GrammarlyPossibly one of the most well-known spell checkers, Grammarly is a program that costs money, though it does have a web browser app that is free. For the higher priced software, users can expect spelling, grammar, punctuation, and even more advanced tips on style and word usage. Grammarly promises to help non-writers compose succinct, clear prose to get their ideas across in the best, most professional manner. It's also a great second set of eyes for professional writers — let's face it, we're all prone to mistakes, and they're even more embarrassing when you make your living with words.
HemingwayThe Hemingway Editor is the application most highly touted by professional writers. You'll hear more about other grammar editors from non-writers because they simply don't use all the bangs and whistles available with Hemingway. Here's why this one's a good pick if you write a great deal, publish a successful blog, or write professionally. Hemingway not only checks grammar. It shows you the readability grade (which is important for published works). It also highlights passive voice, difficult to read sentence structure, and highlights those pesky adverbs that make your writing less powerful.
ReadableRhyme Zone is probably most aptly used by school children. Words can be keyed into the simple interface and the site will give the student back rhyming words of different syllable levels, synonyms, adjectives, and even examples of the word used in poetry. School kids aren't the only ones who can find plenty to love about this platform. Any creative writer can jump in and play with words, find new words that meet their rhyme and meter needs, or just waste a little time while getting their writing juices flowing. You can also use this site specifically to find phrases in Shakespeare.
Rhyme ZoneRhyme Zone is probably most aptly used by school children. Words can be keyed into the simple interface and the site will give the student back rhyming words of different syllable levels, synonyms, adjectives, and even examples of the word used in poetry. School kids aren't the only ones who can find plenty to love about this platform. Any creative writer can jump in and play with words, find new words that meet their rhyme and meter needs, or just waste a little time while getting their writing juices flowing. You can also use this site specifically to find phrases in Shakespeare.
Cliche FinderThe Cliche Finder tool can be a godsend to prolific writers. Just because you write for a living doesn't mean you'll ever hit perfection — as if there is such a thing. When you write a lot, you're bound to use phrases repeatedly. Most writers go through bouts of overusing a word or phrase before culling it from their creative toolbox. Cliche phrases are the worst because they're someone else's words, and they take away from your own voice. They also come across as lazy writing to the astute reader. This tool lets you copy paste your text into the writing field and highlights anything it picks up as overused or cliche phrasing. Often all it takes is a quick highlight for you to see where to edit.
Atomic ReachAtomic Reach touts personalized content that gets the best results. This service analyzes content based on the exact audience base it's written for. The analysis allows your business to tailor content to better reach your target market. This leads to an increase in page views, email open rates, and conversion. According to their site, their statistics showcase these results. It's well documented that building your content for the target audience and personalizing your communication improves ROI. Atomic Reach is the only tool aimed solely at creating content for the target audience.

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